FINE team

Kirklees Food Initiatives & Nutrition Education (FINE) Project
The FINE team can offer nutrition literacy and healthy eating training to professionals, paid staff and/or volunteers working in a frontline capacity with individuals, groups or communities to improve dietary outcomes across Kirklees. Most of the training is available free (however there may be a small charge to the ‘for-profit’ sector eg nurseries/residential care homes, national organisations and charities, or for repeat training requests).

Key areas of work

The teams main areas of work currently is around supporting good under 5’s nutrition (including weaning practice) as well as maximising good nutrition and hydration in older peoples residential care settings across Kirklees. We are also able to offer ‘Good Nutrition in Pregnancy’ sessions to professionals who support pregnant women (or in some instances directly to pregnant women on behalf of a statutory agency -eg NHS)

In addition to the above key areas the FINE team is able to offer bespoke nutrition literacy training across the whole life course (pregnancy, under 5’s, adolescence, older people) that can be tailored to suit your individual team, organisation or business requirements. Our preferred model is a ‘train the trainer’ approach as this is more sustainable in the longer term-however we do on occasion deliver directly to the public (if appropriate).

The FINE Offer

Sessions are offered at a mutually convenient date and time, delivered at your own venue/premises and are usually around 3 hours in duration. Evenings and Saturday mornings are available (subject to availability) but must be agreed at least 4 weeks in advance. The only requirement is that there is a minimum of 6 people to be trained (but no more than 12 people per session for quality purposes).

All sessions are interactive and fun as we have a range of materials and resources developed and delivered by FINE’s two qualified nutritionists. Previous participants have rated the FINE training as either ‘excellent’ or ‘very good’ and have gone on to make significant nutritional improvements in their settings or areas of work.

Depending on your particular ‘client’ or ‘customer’ base a range of topics are covered including but not limited to:

A thorough explanation of The Eatwell Guide (The UK healthy eating model)
Fats, salts and sugars
Correct portion size
Sugar reduction strategies for adults and children
Healthy Lunchboxes for Children
Reading general food labels
The importance of fluid intake
Fortification of food
Healthier Snacks for Older People
Using food as an activity

To be eligible for free training you or your business/organisation must be willing to improve nutritional practices within your settings/provision on completion of the session. Guidance and support from the FINE team is available as all improvements are mutually agreed-it’s a partnership approach. Alternatively if you are a volunteer on completion of the session you must be in a position to use your learning to educate and benefit others in your community

Commercial Food Sector Masterclass

Finally, the FINE team can also advise and support the small independent commercial food sector to improve their menus and food offer to the public. Work with a small number of fast food take-aways has already been piloted across Kirklees and is ready for a wider roll out to cafes, restaurants and coffee shops etc from April 2018

Masterclass Content includes:

Outline of the health statistics for Kirklees
The implications of obesity on residents health status
The eatwell guide (UK model for healthy eating)
Small steps food businesses can take to make menus healthier
Healthy Frying Tips
Taste Test

Contact The FINE Team:
• Address: Environmental Health Department, Flint Street, Fartown, Huddersfield, HD1 6LG
• Phone: 01484 221000 (ask for the FINE Project)
• Email: