Getting an allotment

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Allotments are places where you can grow your own food, if you don’t have the space at home or if you want to meet other food growers.

There are about 1,874 allotment plots in Kirklees on around 100 sites, the majority of which are about 200 square yards. Although many sites are popular and have waiting lists, others are easier to access.

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Apply for an allotment

You can fill in a simple form to apply for a plot. If there are no vacant plots on your chosen site, Kirklees Council will add your name to the waiting list and will get in touch with you when a plot becomes available.

Allotment application form (RTF)


Community allotments and gardens

Fancy getting together with other growers? Community allotments are ideal for beginners and are a great way to share the work, the fun and the produce. Many community growing schemes have regular sessions that you can join in with whenever you’re free.

Growing groups


Allotments and livestock

You are allowed to keep up to 6 hens and 8 rabbits on your Kirklees allotment plot with permission. Cockerels, ducks, geese or other poultry are not allowed.

Allotments and livestock